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Charakteristika projektu, projekt Cirkus


Our experience from program CIRKUS

We are three exchange-students from Norway at VID specialized University, and our field of study is social educator. We are going to stay in Slovakia for our practical training for three months. As social educators we have a wide knowledge about health-care and social work, psychology, national and local policies, pedagogy, ethics, scientific theory and research methods. The expertise of a social educator is professional environmental work.

When we started our practice here at the beginning of October we did not know Slovak language, which made it hard for us communicating with some of our new colleagues and the clients. Even though there was (and still is) a language barrier, the clients are curious and ask a lot of questions about us and Norway. We also tried to get to know them so we asked them about who they are, and about Slovakia and the culture here. With some help from our English speaking colleagues we were able to have a conversation with them. To lower the language-barrier we made a poster together with the clients with different words and sentences in English, Slovak and Norwegian. Despite the language-barrier everyone have been able to understand each other by talking in English, but from time to time we had to use google translate for some words. None of us is used to talk on English in our everyday-life, so we all got out of our comfort zone. At the moment we noticed that everyone is more comfortable with talking on English now, and that our vocabulary is getting much better.

While we are here we had some tasks. In addition to the poster, we also have played games- mostly the simplest games that do not have so many rules, table soccer, painted/ drawn, spray painting/ tagged the fence, listened to music typical for Slovakia and Norway, made pins/ buttons, cinema, Halloween party and collecting money for charity. When we were collecting money for the charity, we reach out to our friends and family in Norway and ask them to support a good case. We did not have a lot of time, but many of our friends and family help us and they were happy to help.

We also planned three games with the clients, but there have not been enough clients to play them yet. Our colleagues told us that it has been a season with few clients, but we hope we will have time to make a Norwegian inspired evening.

How do we feel about being in CIRKUS.

Despite the language-barrier we still have managed to communicate in some level with the clients and our co-workers. We are glad that the clients takes contact on us, this shows us that we have established some level of trust and mutual interest. We have also gotten to know our coworkers. They are caring and loving people, and they have a good sense of humor. They are also professionals when they work. It feels safe to talk with them if there is a problem or if we have a questions, which makes the working environment feel safe.

Monika Ueland Ånestad, Oda J Håvorstad, Anne Siri Ubostad

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Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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