Informácie o združení Storm

Who we are

Association STORM was established in 2002. The association dedicates with the prevention of risky behavior of different target groups at the ground of low-threshold principles and in the terms of philosophy of Harm Reduction.

The association STORM is one and only accredited subject of Ministry of labor, social affairs and family of Slovak republic (hereinafter as “MLSF of SR”) in this area which works in three towns.

Our mission and goals

  • To contribute the solution of particular drug problems and risky behavior and that in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. To place the emphasis on establishing and implementing the institute of firs contact.
  • To group people interested in preventive (contact, social, outreach) work.
  • Preparing and distribution of materials dealing about preventing addiction and risky behavior in the target groups.
  • Collaborate with health, interest, youth, civic and other associations, charity, public and state administrative, town and local administrative in Slovakia and abroad in the order to crate optimal condition for the implementation of the associations programs.

Our basis

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction simply means reducing risk/damages of a person behavior. The risk is understood as a probability when occurs an event which may cause damage. Harm Reduction gives the opportunity of choice, respect the human decisions and support any positive change.

Basic principles:
  • Pragmatism
  • Human values
  • Focus on damage
  • Balancing the costs and benefits
  • Priority in immediately goals

Low-threshold Philosophy

Low-threshold represents real service ability. The services are provided to the client s in the most natural environment, anonymously and free of charge.

Basic principles:
  • Low-threshold attuned workers
  • Safety
  • Passivity is acceptable
  • Regular attendance is not a condition to the possibility of using the services
  • No or minimum charges
  • Guaranteed anonymity

The main programs of the Association STORM

STEREO – primary prevention of risky behavior by the working group in primary and secondary schools in Nitra and Trnava district.

CIRKUS – primary prevention in non-organized groups of children and youth in the town Nitra.

KROK VPRED - secondary prevention of drug addiction in the form of social street work with drug users and with people which works in the sex-business in Nitra, Trnava, Sereď and on the way to the Zlaté Moravce.

ZÓNA – contact center for drug users and people which works in sex-business and for their relatives in Sereď.

ECHO – preventive and educational activities with the public.

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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