Cooperation / ACF Slovakia


2.01.2021 in programs KROK VPRED and ZONA, the Združenie STORM started implementing a project called 3P - work, help, support. Activities can be implemented thanks to the support of the Active Citizens Fund - Slovakia program, which is part of the EEA and Norway Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The donor countries are Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Kingdom of Norway, which contribute to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area.

Through the development of the employee program in cities Nitra, Sereď and Trnava, we want to give clients the opportunity to activate in favor of improving and/or stabilizing their current lives. Clients who join the program can improve their various job search and job skills.

The project is divided into basic indicators:
• Strengthening civil society, active citizenship and the status of vulnerable groups.
• New methods and services developed to address the needs of vulnerable groups.
• Promoting the involvement of vulnerable groups in economic activities.
• Number of services in the ZONA contact center in Sereď.
• Number of services in the KROK VPRED outreach program, which we implement in Sereď, Nitra and Trnava.

"The project" 3P- work, help, support "is supported by the ACF - Slovakia program, which is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 - 2021. The program administrator is the Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundation Bratislava and the Carpathian Foundation."

More information about the project:
Program Administrator - ACF - Slovakia
Name of the organization - EKOPOLIS Foundation
Headquarters of the organization - Komenského 482/21, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
ID - 00 631 736
VAT number - 2021108661
Registration: Register of foundations MV SR, reg. no. 203 / Na-96/89
Represented - Peter Medveď, administrator of the foundation
Project implementation contract - no. T4-2020-110